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Django boilerplate with payment Stripe or Paypal + UI with Tailwind css + Postgres database + Celery and Redis for background tasks + deploy to Heroku fast = Ready SaaS

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"Ready SaaS is perfect for me as a Python-savvy data engineer new to Django. Its comprehensive template helped me quickly learn and start building my SaaS app with confidence. Ideal for Django beginners!"

Python Data Engineer

"Discovering Ready SaaS was a huge win! The clean, functional Python SaaS boilerplate saved me from the nightmare of messy code and accelerated my project's progress. It's a learning opportunity and a real timesaver. Wish I'd found it sooner!"

Web Freelancer

"After working with Ready SaaS, I can't imagine kicking off any future Django project without it. The thoughtfulness behind each feature and the impeccable code quality have set a new standard for my own coding. Ready SaaS is now a core piece of my development toolkit."

Indie Hacker

Ready-made features
for your next project

Adding new features weekly 🚀


  • Stripe & Paypal integrations
  • Configurable plans and pricing
  • Subscription Management
  • Checkout for one-time purchases


  • Sendgrid integration out-of-the-box
  • Easy to change provider (Mailgun, Mailjet, etc)
  • Emails sent in the background
  • Auth flow emails included

User Authentication

  • Login, Logout, Signup, Forgot Password flows
  • Magic link login
  • Django auth system

Project Features

  • Background tasks (celery)
  • Postgres DB
  • Deploy-ready (Heroku)
  • Google Analytics
  • Environment variables (environ)
  • Unit Tests

Need other features?

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+ 8h auth flows

+ 6h Stripe webhooks

+ 12h subscription management

+ 6h background tasks

+ 2h transactional emails

+ 2h project structure design

+ 4h deploy setup

+ 4h Blog CMS setup

+ 4h base SaaS pages

+ ∞h Googling and chatGPTing

= over a week of
avoidable painful stress

Hi 👋 I'm Gio. I build SaaS startups lightning fast

I understand the indie hacker's hustle.

I've been there - building startup after startup - spending weeks reinventing deployment, auth flows, and coding the same things over and over again.

That is why I created Ready SaaS, a Django Starter Kit for fast MVP deployment.

Now, when I start a project, I start from a solid foundation with ready-made features: things like email setup, Stripe webhooks, subscription management, and more. And thanks to our community's feedback I'm constantly adding new features.

Getting started is simple:

git clone readysaas
Cloning into 'readysaas'...

This could be your next landing page 👇

(In just a couple minutes 🤯)

  • 30+ themes to choose from
  • Seamless Tailwind integration ❤️
  • Optimized for fast page loads
  • Pricing section that just works 🤑 (just add your api keys and you're good to go!)
  • Placeholders on each section to help you craft compelling copy

What really matters...

✅ Clean code

✅ Django's best practices

✅ Easy to follow Setup Guides & Docs

✅ Unit test coverage

✅ Modular Design

Build Incredibly Fast.

Starter Django Boilerplate

$ 59 USD
  • Transactional Emails
  • Deploy-ready ✅ with guides (Heroku)
  • Sleek landing page & 30+ themes to choose from 🌈
  • Seamless Tailwind integration ❤️
  • Optimized for fast page loads
  • Documentation
  • Payment checkout that just works 🤑
    (add your api keys and that's it!)
  • Subscription management (Stripe / Paypal)
  • Background tasks (Celery)
  • Github repo updates
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Full Django Boilerplate

$299 $ 99 USD
  • Subscription management (Stripe / Paypal)
  • Background tasks (Celery)
  • Transactional Emails
  • Deploy-ready ✅ with guides (Heroku)
  • Sleek landing page & 30+ themes to choose from 🌈
  • Seamless Tailwind integration ❤️
  • Optimized for fast page loads
  • Payment checkout that just works 🤑
    (add your api keys and that's it!)
  • Documentation
  • 1 year LIFETIME updates & GitHub repo access
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Build unlimited projects

Need extra help?

I'll set it up and deploy it for you
$499 $ 299 USD
  • Includes everything in Full Django Boilerplate
  • Full setup 👨‍💻 and deployment 🚀
  • 📞 30min./day Assistance during first 7 days
  • 1-1 Online consultation
  • Code reviews 🧐
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What will I get?

With Ready SaaS, you're getting:
  • A Django Starter Kit: Packed with all the essentials - a landing page, a sleek payment system for managing subscriptions, user sign-ins, over 30 themes to choose from, and a lot more.
  • Step-by-Step Guides: Our documentation makes setup a breeze, helping you get from zero to deploy in minutes.

Is Ready SaaS just a website template?

Nope, it's a whole lot more! Think of it as a pre-built, fully functional website. Just plug in your API keys for payment, emails, etc., sprinkle in your unique features, and voilà - your SaaS is market-ready in record time. It's your online business toolkit, equipped with payment processing, emails, user management, and beyond.

Are there any additional costs?

Ready SaaS is your all-in-one toolkit, but remember, you'll need a place to host your project. Heroku is a popular choice among many in the Django community for its simplicity and ease of use. But don't feel boxed in; you're free to explore the web hosting universe with top contenders like AWS and DigitalOcean to name a few. Each offers its unique blend of features, scalability, and pricing, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your project.

How Often Do You Update Ready SaaS?

Regularly! Since I use Ready SaaS for my own stuff, I'm always adding new features to keep it top-notch.

What If I Want a Refund?

Once you've got the repo, it's yours forever. We can't do refunds, but we think you'll love it from the get-go.

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