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Welcome to Ready SaaS Docs, your go-to Django starter project designed to kickstart your next SaaS application. Ready SaaS combines the robustness of Django's framework with a suite of pre-configured features, streamlining the development process and helping you launch your project faster and more efficiently.


Ready SaaS is built on Django. This starter project is tailored for developers looking to launch a Software as a Service (SaaS) application, providing a solid foundation with customizable components.


Ready SaaS comes with a suite of pre-configured features, including:

  • User Authentication:

    Includes both traditional email/password and magic link login options, built on Django's secure authentication framework.

  • Subscription Management:

    Integrated with Stripe and Paypal for handling checkout, payment processing and subscription management.

  • Background Email Processing:

    Asynchronous email handling for signup, password reset, and other notifications to ensure application responsiveness.

Getting Started

To get your project up and running with Ready SaaS, you'll want to begin with the local setup:

Local Setup

Follow these instructions to set up Ready SaaS on your local development environment in 5 minutes.

Local Setup Docs

Try Before You Deploy: Live Demo

Check out our live demo to explore the features and capabilities of Ready SaaS firsthand.

Explore the live demo